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Where to Buy a Printer / Scanner?

You can buy printers and scanners online or in a brick-and-mortar shop. Here I'll help you find the best deal for whatever kind of printer or scanner you're looking for.

Find Toner and Inkjet Cartridges Quickly on Amazon.com...Maybe?
Amazon.com offers a handy service to help you find and buy the right toner and inkjet cartridges. The tool needs a little work, though.

Where Is Your Favorite Place to Buy Electronics?
Tell us where you like to buy electronics and why it's the best place.

Where to Find a Great Deal
You can find great deals on printers and scanners both online and offline. Where you buy depends on how flexible your are and whether you want to test before you buy.

Compare Printer Prices Online
You can compare printer prices at many online retailers all at once at Pricegrabber.com.

Compare Scanner Prices Online
Compare prices for scanners at online retailers at Pricegrabber.com.

Where to Get the Best Deals on Photo Printing Paper?
If you like to print photos, don't skimp on good paper--it'll last longer and look better than the cheap stuff. Get the best prices on brand-name photo paper at Pricegrabber.com.

Ben's Bargains
Coupons and rebates for printers and scanners are often available at Ben's Bargains. It's hit-or-miss but you might get lucky.

You'll find some great prices on inkjet cartridges and laser toner at DataBazaar--including free shipping. A four-pack of toner for my Pixma was more than $14 cheaper here than at Staples.com.

Electronic Stores with Great Coupons and Deals
Here's the grand-daddy of all online shopping deals. No matter what kind of gadget you're looking for, from printers and scanners to a new television, the Coupons/Bargains page has everything you need...that is, everything you <i>want</i>.

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