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Brother P-Touch PT-1230 PC Label Maker

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Brother P-Touch PT-1230 PC Label Maker

The Bottom Line

The P-touch PT-1230 PC is a handy and compact label printer that works with a PC. It has a limited range of functions, but for a label printer, it did everything I needed it to do--print labels in a variety of sizes and fonts. I appreciate that it didn't require administrative privileges to get it working, and I'm sure many home users will feel the same way. For basic labeling purposes, the PT-1230 is a great choice.


  • Quick and convenient
  • No need to install software
  • Labels of various colors and sizes available separately


  • Requires six AAA batteries or optional power cord
  • Limited editing functions (with included software)


  • Brother P-Touch PT-1230 PC Label Maker
  • PC-connectible label maker
  • No software installation necessary
  • USB connection (included)

Guide Review - Brother P-Touch PT-1230 PC Label Maker

If you've decided not to scan everything in your file cabinet to convert your paper bills and receipts into digital form, you probably have a file cabinet where you store these important papers. Instead of hard-to-read handwritten labels, a new generation of label makers exists that quickly and easily can help make it a little easier to find important paperwork in that file cabinet.

This label maker (one of several from Brother) is simple, easy to use, and convenient. It doesn't have a built-in keyboard like the Brother PT-1280, but rather connects to a PC via USB. A rather basic graphics-editing program opens in which you can enter and edit text for your labels, and then print them out. There is no installation of software necessary, which makes the unit very convenient (and it can be used without administrative privileges).

There's not too much more to say about this little label printer. Labels look great and there are a variety of label sizes and colors available (but not included). If you need more serious graphics editing, free software is available through Brother, though it looked like overkill for this unit. For light labeling needs at home, the PT-1230 was just what I needed.

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