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Templates for Printing Mother's Day Cards


Sure, you could spend some time wandering around the store, hoping to find just the right card for Mom when Mother's Day rolls around. Or you could make things a lot simpler by printing your own card, and customizing it yourself. Here's a list of customizable and printable Mother's Day cards. 

1. Mother's Day Four-Fold Cards

The DLTK site has a lot of printable card resources, from poetry cards for Mom to these wonderful four-fold cards that will remind some of you of the fold-out on the last page of MAD Magazine. The templates are downloadable and easy to use. 

2. Mother's Day Cards from American Greetings

If you want to make your own card but coming up with the right sentimental thoughts is not your strong point, take advantage of the work done by the folks at American Greeting, who have put together exactly what you want to say but couldn't quite put into words. Only a few of the templates are free, but if you're going to spend money on a card anyway, it might make sense to use one of their designs and poems and then customize and print it yourself. 

3. Printable Mother's Day Cards from About.com

Denise Witmer, About.com Guide to Parenting & Family, has a half-dozen Mother's Day cards with lovely images on them that you can print yourself. The cards are in PDF format, which means that you can't edit them easily--but the pictures are great and all you have to do is print and fold the cards, and add your own comments by hand. 

4. Printable Mother's Day Cards for Kids to Color

For little ones who want to give something special to Mom this year, why not let them color a Mother's Day card that includes images from Disney's Bambi? These are simple to make (print them on a heavy paper and then just fold them in half) and it can give the kids a great project to do that Mom will treasure forever.
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