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Getting Creative With Printers and Scanners

Some of the software to make your printer or scanner work will come in the box. But if you want to get really creative, you might consider buying or downloading some image-editing software and other fun tools. Some tools, such as Adobe Photoshop Express, are available for free online.
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Additive Manufacturing, Or, What's In a Name?
Printing in 3-D, also known as additive manufacturing, is becoming commonplace and ever less expensive--even home users and hobbyists are using it. But the technology used to print an object in three dimensions is very complex. Here's a look at how it works.

What You Can Print Now; and What the Future Holds for 3-D Printing
Today, you can print a wide range of consumer goodies, from jewelry to iPad stands. At the higher end, 3-D printers can churn out everything from scans of your teeth to aircraft parts. In a few years, experts forecast that this technology will become a part of our daily lives and lead to huge shifts in the way we do business.

How 3-D Printing in Silver Works
Shapeways, a company that lets consumers create and print their own 3-D creations, can print using a variety of substance, from plastic to glass. But when they offered pure silver, it was time to learn more about how that could possibly work.

Templates for Printing Mother's Day Cards
Sure, you could spend some time wandering around the store, hoping to find just the right card for Mom when Mother's Day rolls around. Or you could make things a lot simpler by printing your own card, and customizing it yourself. Here's a list of customizable and printable Mother's Day cards.

Zombie masks, bookmarks, wound stickers, and other fun printable zombie stuff
Looking to impress your friends by becoming a zombie? You don't need to wait for the real horror to come; you can simply use your trusty printer to print out all the zombie-related items you could ever dream up in your worst nightmares, with the help of Benjamin Tripp, author of the zombie novel Rise Again. Want to have some realistic zombie wounds? No problem--print some out and stick them on your face. Need a pair of eyeglasses that feature punctured or popping zombie eyes? Tripp's got them. How about a bookmark that features a severed finger? You'll find that, as well as iPhone wallpaper and alternate book covers (in case you're embarrassed being seen reading a zombie novel). It's Halloween all year round!

Lego Printer
A Lego printer? No, it doesn't print Legos (though possibly you could have them printed using a 3-D printer such as Shapeways); instead, the bulk of the printer itself is made with Legos. Check out a great video of the Lego Printer in action!

Apple vs Kodak Photo Books
One way to get your photos organized is to take the best ones and make a book. That's easy now, since companies like Apple and Kodak offer cheap and easy-to-use services. These photo books are easy to customize and make great gifts as well. I thought that Apple's books were a bit nicer looking but they require you to have a Mac; Kodak offers more choices on size and prices are reasonable. Here's …

How to Print Screen Captures
Need to print a screenshot, but want to be able to control what and how you print it? Check out this handy guide from Jacci Bear, the About.com Guide to Desktop Publishing.

Tips for Scanning & Restoring Photos
Old, faded, and even torn photos can get a new lease on life thanks to today's excellent photo scanners and graphics-editing software. Kimberly Powell offers some fantastic hints on how to create and edit digital photos.

Printing Cards, Calendars, and Everything Else for the Holidays
If you're trying to save money this holiday season, Epson offers help in creating easy, affordable, how-to projects and crafts including free project templates for personalized greeting cards, calendars, CD/DVDs, stationery, and wrapping paper, to name a few.

Print Directly on Fabric
You can print directly onto fabric using your inkjet printer. Here's how.

Cool OCR Software You Already Have
Converting scanned images into Word documents rather than PDFs or image files makes them easier to search and edit. There's no need to buy optical character recognition (OCR) software; Microsoft's Document Imaging software does the job and is built into Office. Here’s how to find and use it.

Scanning Photos Too Big for the Scanner
When you have to scan something that doesn't fit your scanner, you have to stitch to pieces together. Here's a great tutorial on how to do that using Adobe Photoshop.

Printing a CD/DVD Label
Printing directly onto a CD or DVD using the Epson Stylus Photo RX680 inkjet printer couldn’t be easier, and the results are fantastic. This Step-By-Step guide will demonstrate how to do it.

Designing Online
Designing stationery or business cards can be fun and easy to do. Even better, it's free! Avery Print, a Web site from label-maker Avery, lets you design business cards, labels, and stationery and then print them on your computer.

Photoshop for Free
If you're looking for top-of-the-line photo editing software, you might have considered Adobe Photoshop...until you got a look at the price tag. Good news! Adobe has a free online version called Photoshop Express that offers 2 GB of free storage as well. Now you can edit photos like the pros at a cost that can't be beat.

Print on Almost Anything
Printers can do so much more than just print out photos and documents. Did you know you can print on fabric so you can quilt or make custom t-shirt designs? HP's Activity Center helps you do more than you thought was possible, from iron-ons to scrapbooks.

Print Your Own Seed Packets
Looking for a great birthday or wedding giveaway? Why not print your own images onto seed packets that you can give to guests? It's a great way for them to remember your special day, and all you need is an inkjet printer. Kodak offers a free PDF to help you get started.

Checklists to Help You Get Organized
Whether it's to help keep track of the shopping, remember what's in your freezer, or remind you of birthdays and other occasions, checklists can be a helpful resource. The PrintableChecklists Web site offers dozens of printable resources to help you get organized.

Guide to Green Printing
Green printing is a great way to help recycle and save resources; it's also a good way to keep some extra money in your pocket.

Printable Graduation Cards
Treat a special graduate to one of these printable graduation cards! They are easy to print and make, and they are free. You can even make your own envelope using printable templates designed by Sherri Osborn.

How to Make Your Own Magazine Covers
A fun summer project for kids is to create their own magazine covers, whether it's for a friend's birthday, a holiday, or just to see themselves on the cover of a sports magazine. With the help of Epson's Creative Zone, these creative printing projects are a snap.

Initial Greeting Cards
Make cool greeting cards with your initials on them using this easy-to-follow Step-by-Step from Parenting Guide Denise Witmer.

Print Your Own Calendar
Choose from several different designs, then print a month-by-month calendar, from Family Craft Guide Sherri Osborn.

Print Your Own Candy-Bar Wrappers
Making your own candy-bar wrapper is fast, fun, and potentially delicious. From a personalized Father's Day treat to an awesome Halloween giveaway, a customized candy-bar wrapper will be a sweet treat that folks will remember and enjoy. The Databazaar blog's Susan Westberg shares the simple secrets of making your own wrappers.

Print Your Own Stamps
Whether you run your own business, or you're just tired of trekking to the post office, or you want cool, personalized stamps, I've got some great news for you: Now you can print your own!

Print Your Own Olympic Medals
You may not have spent the last few years training for an Olympic event, but there's probably something you deserve a medal for anyway. Straight A's last semester? Lost 10 pounds? Honor your accomplishment by printing your own Olympic medals, thanks to some downloadable PDFs from Reader's Digest. You can also print Olympic awards, the Olympic Rings, and a map of China.

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