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Reviews of Photo Scanners and Document Scanners

While scanners are often built into all-in-one or multifunction printers, they're also available for special purposes, such as scanning a large number of photos or slides, or scanning negatives. Photo scanners will be of particular value for digitizing large photo collections. And there are online photo-scanning services that will do the work for you as well.
  1. Canon Scanners (3)
  2. Epson Scanners (5)
  3. Fujitsu Scanners (7)
  4. HP Scanners (2)
  5. Online Photo Scanners (3)
  6. Other Brands of Scanners (14)

Top Scanners for Digitizing Your Photos
Whether you want to digitize an archive of slides and negatives, or remove the dust and scratches from the photos in your family album, these scanners will give you high-quality results.

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