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Dell Wasabi Portable Photo Printer

Portable Inkless Printing from the Dell Wasabi PZ310


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The Polaroid PoGo signaled the birth of the very-portable digital printing business. Dell has followed up with a similar printer that puts out 2x3 sticky-backed photo prints directly from camera phones, cameras, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Size and Weight

The Wasabi is truly an ultramobile photo printer. It's 4.8" x 2.9" x 0.9" (122.5 x 75 x 24.2mm) and weighs seven ounces (195 grams) without a battery and eight ounces (225 grams) with a battery.

Speed and Output

From send to share is almost one minute (55 seconds per Dell). The Wasabi uses 2"x3" (50 x 76.2mm) sticky-backed paper. There are 12 sheets per package.

Connectivity and Power

You can print wirelessly from a Bluetooth-enabled device. You can also print using PictBridge. The Wasabi works off battery power (450mAh Li-ion) or a 9V AC adapter.


According to Dell:
  • Capable of reproducing millions of vivid colors at very high resolution
  • Protected by a polymer overcoat, providing water resistance and image durability
  • Not sensitive to light
  • Long lasting and designed to resist fading from exposure to light, heat and humidity
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Adhesive backing
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