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Is It Worth Getting Inkjet Cartridges Refilled?


Refilling cartridges for printer
Kerstin Waurick/E+/Getty Images
Printer ink is a great controversy; ounce for ounce, it's probably one of the most expensive things you can buy, with inkjet cartridges costing a good chunk of what the original printer cost (or, if you got the printer for free, even more).

That's given rise to a whole new industry of printer inkjet cartridge refills and, with the arrival of big players like Costco and Walgreens, it's no longer a niche business. These businesses promise to refill ink tanks for a fraction of what it would cost to buy new ones.

That all sounds great, but how well does it work? Results are mixed, but I've heard more votes against it than for it. Here are a few comments from readers on their experiences getting inkjet cartridges refilled:

"I paid about $18 to have Costco refill my HP 74 and 75 cartridges. After installation neither of them would work. The printer indicated that the cartridges were empty."
"I tried getting my HP cartridge refilled at Costco – results are mixed. Some pages print great, others only print the top part of the page and remainder fades out or doesn’t print at all."
"Costco supports the HP 901 cartridge and with good results."
What's your experience with getting refills for an inkjet cartridge? Let us know.

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