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Canon Pixma iX7000 Color Printer

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Canon Pixma iX7000 Color Printer

Canon Pixma iX7000 Color Printer

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The Bottom Line

It's not just large (and it is); the Canon Pixma iX7000 is a large-format printer, meaning it can easily handle paper up to 13 x 19 inches. With its jutting cassette, it will require a table of its own. I wish it included wireless connectivity, given that its size may force you to keep it in a corner; but in terms of quality, photo output is excellent, while colored graphics look better if you use good paper.
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  • Fast
  • Built-in wired networking
  • Built-in duplexing
  • Can handle large paper for posters, banners


  • No memory card capacity
  • No LCD or control panel


  • Large format color inkjet printer
  • Automatic duplex printing
  • Three paper paths (front, rear, cassette)
  • Can handle paper up to 13 x 19 inches
  • Ethernet networking
  • Up to 4800 x 1200 dpi print resolution
  • 43.7 lbs
  • Six ink tanks

Guide Review - Canon Pixma iX7000 Color Printer

The Canon Pixma iX7000 is an inkjet printer that offers very little for the typical home user--it's made to help small businesses with big print jobs. And by that I mean the ones that won't fit in smaller printers. Other than its size, it doesn't offer any bells or whistles. Or even an LCD screen or a control panel.

Connected via USB 2.0, I found print speeds to be competitive. A four-page Word document took a mere 36 seconds (with first page out in about 12) and provided decent-looking text. A colorful four-page Excel spreadsheet took 45 seconds, though it left the cheap copy paper I favor limp with ink. Colors looked decent though there was some bleed into the paper. This printer did better with photo printing; an 8.5x11 photo took 1:52 but the colors were vivid and the image crisp and clear. The print came out dry, not tacky as I've experienced with other Pixmas; the improvement is likely due to the additional tank of clear ink that coats images.

Canon says on its Web site for the iX7000 that it offers "downloadable templates to print posters, brochures, menus," and more. Unfortunately I couldn't locate that information, which would certainly add value to this printer.

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Canon iX7000 printer, Member clubsail

Canon ix7000 is a great printer. It prints A3, double sided, large print trays - and would thoroughly recommend apart from one thing: you can not get replacement ink cartridges. Having had them on order in 6 shops for over 3 weeks I looked at Canon's own on line shop and it said a minimum of 10 days. When I contacted canon they said ""Canon does not control stock at retailers, and if local retailers have opted not to stock this item, we do not have any control over this."" Recommend - buy only if you only want to print a few times.

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