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How To Get The Most From Your Printer or Scanner

Learn how to get the most from your printer or scanner. Here we look at setting up security, printing and scanning from mobile devices, and using the latest features and protocols, such Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, and cloud printing.

When a $150 Printer can Cost You Thousands
Save hundreds, even thousands of dollars by choosing a printer with a low cost per page, or CPP; it's far more important than the purchase price.

Making Your Printer / Scanner Secure in Windows 8.x
How to configure security options, such as permissions, users, passwords, and when the printer or scanner is available for use, online or offline, and when.

How to Estimate a Printer’s Cost Per Page
How to use the manufacturer's page yields and cost of consumable cartridges to estimate a printer's per-page cost of operation, or cost per page - CPP

How to Use a Flatbed Scanner to Scan Negatives
If you'd like to scan some negatives but don't want to spend money on a dedicated photo scanner, you're in luck--with some reflective cardboard, some basic household tools, and a template from Andrew Lewis from Craft, you can create your own negative scanner that will work just fine with any flatbed scanner, and help you turn that old pile of negatives into some good-looking digital prints.

How to Share Printers on a Network
Printers sometimes are ready to be added to a network; some printers are not. In either case, though, they can be part of a network, enabling you to print more conveniently. In this article, PC World's Curtis Franklin does a great job in explaining three ways to share printers across a network: connecting a network-enabled printer; connecting a printer to a network using a print server; and sharing a printer via a network-connected computer.

How to Share a Printer on a PC-Mac Home Network
It wasn't easy, but New York Times journalist Rik Fairlie found a way to create a network comprising two MacBook Pro laptops, a Dell desktop running Windows 7, and an Asus Windows 7 netbook--which he connected to two printers that didn't have built-in WiFi, an HP LaserJet P1006 and a Samsung ML-1740. In fact he did it in several ways--all of them affordable, but not all 100 percent successful.

Pairing with Bluetooth
If your printer has Bluetooth built in or you have a separate Bluetooth dongle, you can use your printer to print directly from other Bluetooth devices such as your digital camera. The first step is pairing your printer with your digital device. Here's a primer on Bluetooth pairing that will get you started.

What's Your Experience with Refilling Ink Cartridges?
Do you refill you inkjet printer cartridges, or simply buy new ones? If you refill them, where do you get it done and how successful has the process been so far? Would you recommend it?

Print from an iPad
While the iPad looks a whole lot like a laptop computer, it's not really. To print from an iPad,you need to sync documents to your Mac or PC; or, you can treat the iPad like an overgrown iPhone and download an application to make it print across a Wi-Fi network.

Scan in Ubuntu Linux
It's always nice to know that Linux pros are constantly at work creating new software that works well--and simply--to help new Linux users perform simple tasks. Simple Scan software, created by Robert Ancell, is one example.

Clean the Underside of Scanner Glass
Even the underside of scanner glass can get dirty and cause your document or photo scanner to function poorly. Here are some instructions for keeping the scanner glass clean on both sides.

Comparing Pricing Among Online Photo Scanners
If you've got a huge amount of photos you'd like to scan, it's often faster and easier to trust someone else to do it--otherwise, scanning photos one at a time can be a very time-consuming process. But it's not easy to compare these services, since they all have lots of different deals and requirements. This comparison chart of online...

Share a Printer on a Home Network with Windows 7
If you have multiple PCs that are all running Windows 7, you can share a printer fairly easily between them. But what if your network also comprises older versions of Windows, or Macs? Tricky, but still possible.

Fix a Printer Driver Error
Problems with drivers can be caused by issues with Windows registry, faulty driver files, missing resources leading to conflicts, and so on. Here are some steps to resolve those issues, from identifying the device causing the error to repairing drivers in Windows.

Calibrate Your Photo Scanner
If your scanner isn't properly calibrated, the results are going to look off. Follow these tips from Jacci Bear, the About.com Guide to Desktop Publishing, to properly calibrate your scanner and get the best results.

Save Paper Costs by Shrinking Prints - Business Center - PC World
Paper is a costly printer consumable; but you'll get twice as much use from your paper by printing two pages on a single sheet. Here's how.

Print Efficiently From the Web
There are a few ways out there to print only the part of a Web page that you want printed (thus avoiding the waste of paper and the aggravation of not getting the part you want on the printed page); but The Printliminator is the best and easiest way I've seen so far.

Choose the Right Inkjet Photo Paper
The variety of photo quality inkjet papers can seem overwhelming. However, there are really only five main differences in all these papers with four of these playing a critical role: brightness, weight, caliper, and finish. Learn how to choose the right paper for your needs based on these criteria and see how a few different types of paper stack up against each other.

Print from the Web
Trying to print pages from the Web always feels like a waste of paper. HP is there to help with its Smart Web Printing application, a free download from the HP site. Smart Web Printing allows you to collect, combine, and store content from across multiple Web sites, arrange them how you like on the page, save the combined text and images as PDFs, and then print exactly what you see on the screen.

Figure Out Print Size Based on Resolution
Changing the resolution of a photo you want to print can change the size of the digital file as well as the hard copy your printer produces. Figuring out how much resolution your photo should be to give you the right size print is much easier with this handy Scanning and Printing Resolution Calculator.

Copying Two Pages Onto One
Copying two pages onto one saves you paper and money. Here's how to do it with the Canon Pixma MP610.

Print a Label on a CD or DVD
Printing directly onto a CD or DVD using the Epson Stylus Photo RX680 inkjet printer couldn’t be easier, and the results are fantastic. This Step-By-Step guide will demonstrate how to do it. Note that you need to make sure the CD or DVD you’re using can be printed on; check the label before you buy. Also, make sure you have already burned to the disk; once you’ve put the label on, you can’t burn data to the disk.

Change Print Quality to Draft Mode
Changing print quality to Draft Mode can speed up printing and save ink.

Install New Ink Tanks
Installing ink tanks into an inkjet printer is a quick and painless process (except for the price you pay for those ink tanks, of course). Here’s a step-by-step look at getting those tanks into your printer. I’ll demonstrate using a Canon Pixma MP530, but the process should be pretty similar in all inkjet printers.

Clean Your Printer and Scanner
If the platen glass or document cover of your multifunction printer are dirty or smudged, your scan and print jobs aren’t going to look good. Cleaning these elements is easy with nothing more than cloth and water. Don’t use paper towels or tissues (they can leave fine threads behind), and never use chemical cleaners.

Clean the Inside of the Pixma Printer
There are a few reasons why print jobs don’t look their best. If you’re seeing stripes, it could be due to clogged printheads, which are easy to unclog (see Clean Your Printer's Printheads below). But it could also be because the inside of the printer is dirty. Here's how to clean the inside of the Pixma inkjet multifunction printer.

Clean Your Printer's Printheads
When printheads get clogged, image quality suffers. But cleaning printheads is a quick and simple process. Here's a step-by-step tutorial on cleaning an inkjet's printheads.

Print Directly onto Fabric
If you've got an inkjet printer and you enjoy quilting, you'll love putting family photos onto a piece of fabric that you can quilt into a long-lasting memento. Sew-on inkjet fabric sheets are washable and permanent, and photos look great on them.

Print from Linux
Whether you're new to Linux and just exploring a free distro, or a long-time user and fan, printing using Linux is not always an easy task. Machtelt Garrels explains the basic steps of printing using Linux.

Print PowerPoint Presentations
PowerPoint offers several ways to print presentations. Some help you save paper by printing several slides on one page, while others highlight the dramatic colors of your presentation. The Guide to Presentation Software gives you all the options.

Set Up Printer Sharing Between Windows and Macs
Windows users making the transition to Mac usually have Windows computers and peripherals they would like to continue to use. One of the most common questions from new users is, "Can I print from my Mac to the printer connected to my Windows computer?" The answer is, Yes you can--with some advice from your friendly Guide to Macs.

Sharing a Printer with Windows XP
Even if your printer does not have built-in sharing or wireless capability, you can still enable it to be accessed from other devices on your local network. Follow these instructions from the Guide to Wireless / Networking to share printers connected to a Windows XP computer.

The Basics of Wireless Networking
Wireless networking your printer or scanner may sound difficult, but newer machines are making it easier to do. Here's some advice from networking experts on how to do it.

Tips on How to Get Organized with the Help of a Scanner
Turning paper documents into digital files is a great first step in organizing your home office, or your home life. But it's not a silver bullet....

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