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This Pixma All-in-One Offers Lots of Options

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Bottom Line

The Canon Pixma MX892 wireless all-in-one printer brings a lot to the table. Considering its fairly low price (starting about $200), it's got options galore, including built-in wireless and wired networking, an automatic document feeder, copy / scan / fax capability, printing from the cloud, and a variety of media-card support. As with pretty much every Pixma I've reviewed, print quality is very good, and downright excellent when it comes to photo printing. And, as with many other Pixmas, print speeds range from decent to shockingly slow. So, if you're not in a rush and prefer quality over speed, and don't mind the wide array of warm-up noises that Pixmas tend to make, you'll get a lot of printer for you money with the MX892.


Particularly when printing across a wireless network, you won't get a lot of speed out of this printer. First-page-out times for low-graphics Word documents averaged around 19 seconds. And that was quick compared to the time it took to get the first page out from a graphics-heavy PDF across the wireless network--in that case it took nearly a minute for that first page to appear. And all the while you'll be treated to the printer's whirring and grinding while it steels itself to get started.

Once the first page gets finished, the printer performs at an average but not spectacular speed, with subsequent Word pages coming out in just over seven seconds each, and PDF pages taking a bit longer at just over eight seconds per page. Those times are roughly consistent with the Canon Pixma 6220, which is a bit cheaper. In fact, even Canon's entry-level Pixma MX330 (which is just over $100) offered similar print times. So let's just stipulate that Canon has made the conscious decision not to aim for high speeds.

Print Quality

In that case, they must be spending their money and engineering expertise on print quality, and as with most other Pixmas, it shows with the MX892. Even at draft print speeds, colors look very good and true, while small and large fonts render crisply. You won't mistake the MX892 for a laser printer, but you won't be embarrassed by the results either. Most inkjet printers aren't made for printing important presentations that need to be shared with the board of directors, so if that's a priority for you, spend a bit more and go for a decent color laser printer, like the Samsung CLP315 which, though not an all-in-one printer, is an inexpensive and high-quality laser printer.

But chances are, if you opt for an all-in-one, you have a variety of things to print, from shopping lists to photos, and you'll appreciate that the Pixma MX892 does a great job on the latter. Colors are vibrant, rich, and clear on printed photos, particularly if you use decent photo paper (always recommended).

Bells and Whistles

The Pixma MX892 certainly comes equipped with all the options you could hope for, and, given its low price, possibly more than you expected. Wireless networking is built in and was easily set up. Ethernet networking is also possible. A panel up front opens to reveal multiple card slots that take anything from SD Memory Cards to xD-Picture Cards, and everything in between (and a USB port is located below that panel). AirPrint and Google Cloud Print are easy to use and nice to have. There's a paper tray that can take 150 sheets, an automatic document feeder that can take 35 sheets, and a rear tray that's convenient for printing photos. And while there's no fancy touchscreen, Canon's found a way to make the control panel unobtrusive and flat as they have with previous Pixmas. Finally, if you need to copy, scan, or even fax, this Pixma comes ready to do business.
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