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Wireless and Sleek, the Pixma MG6220 Offers Speed, Quality

Canon Pixma MG5320 All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer

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Photo courtesy Canon
For about $200, the Canon Pixma MG6220 is a three-in-one that will do a good job on almost everything--particularly photos. It's generally faster (though not always) than the somewhat frustrating Pixma MG5320, while only a bit more expensive. Photos in particular look top notch, and the convenient touchpad makes navigating easy and keeps the buttons to a minimum.


When I set up the new Canon Pixma MG6220, I was afraid that, given that it's not that much more expensive than the Canon Pixma MG5320, it would be as disappointing speed-wise. My fear was largely unjustified. In most test, the Pixma MG6220 way outperforms its cheaper cousin while still offering an impressive set of features. A four-page Word document (with some graphics) took 35 seconds, actually a bit slower than the MG5320, but that includes some time for the printer to warm up. A four-page PDF with lots of colorful and monochrome graphics took less than 50 seconds to print, with the first page taking 13 seconds to come out (that's four seconds faster for the first page than the MG5320). Colors and graphics looked good, if not stunning. Want stunning? It's going to cost you some time. Switching to a high-quality mode increased the waiting time by a factor of five, while draft mode cut the time substantially, without sacrificing much quality.

A colorful 4x5 photo was out in just over half a minute, again a bit slower than the MG5320 (but which includes warm-up time again), but the end result was superior. Read more below about the quality of the prints.

Print Quality

Print quality was certainly up to par with other similarly priced all-in-one inkjet printers. Colors were good and fonts were sharp, though I was surprised that there wasn't more distinction in colors between normal and high-quality prints, given the difference in printing speeds.

Color photos, on the other hand, looked far superior when printed with the M6220 than the MG5320. And while print speeds weren't quite as fast as with some other all-in-ones, they were still fast enough--and the final results were simply excellent. I notice that photos come out looking not only sharper than some other similar printers, but the brightness seems more natural without any editing.

Bells and Whistles

Six individual ink tanks are one of the reason that colors look superior on prints from this machine. There are some other nice perks as well. The built-in wireless was easy to set up and get running. There's an automatic duplexer which allows you to save money and paper by printing on both sides of the page. You can also print directly from lots of iPads and smart phones, memory cards, USB drives, and with an optional Bluetooth interface, other Bluetooth devices. It's also PictBridge compatible.

The printer has lots of other built-in options, such as auto photo fix, calendar and graph-paper print, full HD movie print, and includes a tray for CD / DVD printing.

One of the nicest features of this printer is the Intelligent Touch System interface. This features a pop-up 3-inch LCD screen that is controlled by a series of buttons on a touchscreen along the top of the printer. Only the relevant buttons light up, keeping the interface simple and very uncluttered. The primary button is a wheel that enables navigating through the options; when the OK button is used to choose an option, only a few buttons (home, back, and the wheel) light up). This certainly makes the printer easy to use and helps it have a very sleek design, since there are no buttons or other controls along the top edge of the device. The LCD itself is very bright and easy to see.

The MG6220 is a bit smaller than the MG5320, but heavier; it measures 14.5" W x 18.5"D x 6.9" H and weighs 20 lbs. This is a three-in-one printer--there is no fax.

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