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Brother's New All-in-One Digital Color Printer: Small Office Boon

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Brother MFC-9325CW Digital Color All-in-One Printer

Brother MFC-9325CW Digital Color All-in-One Printer

Photo courtesy Brother
If you liked the Brother MFC-9320CW all-in-one digital printer, there's no reason you would't like the Brother MFC-9325CW, except that it costs more. Its advantage over the 9320 seems to be that it's rated for 19 pages per minute, compared to the 9320's 17 pages per minute. Both printers have pretty lengthy first-page-out times (pushing 30 seconds) but pages are lickety-split afterwards. A free app from Brother makes printing easy from Apple, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Quality was very good, with nice looking (if slightly muted) colors on graphics.


Very few laser or LED printers have speed issues, except that first-page-out times are typically fairly slow. Once the printer gets going, though, speeds are usually very good, and the Brother MFC-9325CW is no different. In my tests, I found it took roughly 30 seconds for first pages to appear (that's over the wireless network, but no significant difference when using the USB connection). Brother says that the printer can print up to 19 pages per minute monochrome or color, and my tests showed that estimate is right on the money, with pages taking 2-3 seconds each once the first page was out.

Much like the MFC-9320CW, an eight-page PDF document took 50 seconds to print, and a four-page Word document took just over 40 seconds to print. Frankly, until Memjet-powered printers really come to market, that's about as fast as you can expect a printer to print.


All the speed in the world isn't going to matter if the quality isn't there, and Brother doesn't have to worry on this score. Printed pages looked very good indeed, with sharp fonts at every size. Color graphics were also rendered very crisply, though I found that some of the colors (particularly bright yellows and greens) looked a bit more muted than the originals. I've found that if you want the best color pages, you'll do better with an inkjet printer. Not sure if you want to buy an inkjet or a laser / LED printer? Check out this helpful video which will help you make the choice.

Scans looked excellent as well, with colors well represented and the image very sharp and clear. I wasn't able to scan directly to my Mac when connected via the wireless network; but when I attached the USB connector, the scanning process proceeded without a hitch (and very quickly as well).

Bells, Whistles

Small businesses and busy home users will find that the Brother MFC-9325CW offers almost all the options they could wish for in a multifunction printer. Like the MFC-9320CW, there's a built-in fax machine; copier; and scanner. Those are par for the course for multifunction printers, naturally. The 9325 also offers wired or wireless networking, a 250-sheet paper tray and a single-sheet manual bypass slot, and a PictBridge connection conveniently located up front. I hoped that the newer printer would have featured built-in duplex printing, but alas that's still not the case.

The wireless networking feature was fast and easy to set up, and the printer located my wireless network without any trouble. The printer does beep loudly when buttons are pushed, so you may want to lower the volume or turn off the sound completely before you start using the printer a lot.

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