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What is Wireless Computer Networking?
Wireless networks utilize radio waves and/or microwaves to maintain communication channels between computers and other network devices. Wi-Fi is the most ...
What Hardware Is Required to Build a Wireless Network? - Networking
Answer: The key hardware components of a wireless computer network include adapters, routers and access points, antennas and repeaters.
Wireless Networks and Wi-Fi Technology - Networking - About.com
Most agree that wireless networking represent the future of computer and Internet connectivity worldwide. Wi-Fi continues to be the pre-eminent technology for ...
Networking Basics - Hardware Equipment for Wireless Networks
Basic networking gear used in a wireless home network can include network adapters, routers and/or access points.
Home Networks Tips and Information on Routers
Home networks don't have to be confusing. We cover wired and wireless networks so you can get the most out of your computers, tablets, and phones.
How to Join a Wireless Network From Any Device - Networking
making wireless network connections , joining a wireless network should be easy . However, special considerations apply depending on the type of device ...
Guide to Wireless Network Protocols - Networking - About.com
There's a lot more to wireless networking than just Wi-Fi. How much do you know about the many different protocols used on wireless communication networks ...
How Secure Is a Wireless Computer Network?
No computer network is truly secure, but how good is wireless network security? Does the security of wireless stack up to that of traditional wired networks?
Introduction to Making Wireless Network Connections - Networking
Laptops, smartphones, tablets and many other types of consumer devices support wireless network connections. Wireless has understandably become the  ...
Wireless vs. Wired LANs - Building the Right Home Network
Computer networks for the home and small business can be built using either wired or wireless technology. Wired Ethernet has been the traditional choice in ...
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