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Types of Scanners - How Are They Different? - Printers/Scanners
Flatbed scanners will take up some desktop space but provide a lot of bang for the buck. They look like miniature printers with a flip-up cover protecting the glass  ...
Review of the CanoScan LiDE 210 Scanner - Printers/Scanners
The Canon CanoScan LiDE 210 is one of the smallest flatbed scanners I've ever reviewed. Don't be fooled by its size, though; the LiDE 210 offers a lot of ...
Review of the Canon CanoScan 9000F Flatbed ... - Printers/Scanners
The scanner comes with an excellent set of software including Adobe ... The first thing you'll notice about the CanoScan 9000F flatbed scanner is that it's quite ...
Printer / Scanner Types - Printers/Scanners - About.com
There are even 3-D printers and chocolate printers! There are also lots of scanners to choose from. Here we'll look at the differences between them and explore ...
Hamrick VueScan 8 - Scanner Software Replacement
I felt I had chosen an excellent flatbed scanner for photos, 35mm slides and negatives, but I got a surprise when I opened the first box of slides and discovered ...
Scanning Slides - Genealogy - About.com
Many flatbed scanners require an extra transparency adapter attachment for scanning slides - sometimes it comes with the scanner, and sometimes you have to ...
Quick Tip: What to Look for in Flatbed Scanners Video
Flatbed scanners are usually best for scanning photos or documents. This video from About.com will explain what to look for when shopping for a flatbed ...
Types of Scanners Video
There are flatbed scanners for scanning photos and slides. There are scanners with document feeders for scanning multiple documents at once. There are also ...
Linux Tutorial - Using the Scanner
Flat-bed scanners for personal use are quite common nowadays. Most scanners connect to the computer using the USB, SCSI or parallel ports. To use the ...
Should I Scan or Photograph My Artwork Myself? - How to Draw
Very good results can also be obtained with professional standard flatbed scanning of your artwork, with the print shop's scanner being callibrated for their ...
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